Glamorous makeup – dramatic eyes and highlighted lips

Most of you like to adopt glamorous makeup styles when you go at a cocktail, partying or clubbing. We totally understand it, but please make it a glamorous look and not a daily makeup of yours with extra color in it. We don’t want to be harsh, but that’s the error most of you do and we want to prevent you from doing it: we’ve got an entire list of makeup styles here and you definitely have where to choose and the only thing is to try and try in order to obtain a great looking makeup. So, let’s see some styles of glamorous makeup, shall we?

Our first suggestion refers to dramatic eye makeup. There’s a glamorous makeup style, which involves the dramatic eyes makeup and we offered you an entire list of such styles so you definitely have where to choose from.

Another thing that we need to specify is that in this style you have to use some contrasts in order to be glamorous: if you have blue eyes apply for black eyeliner and vice versa. As for the cheeks you need a slight shade and you’re going to end up looking gorgeous. Also, for the lips we recommend you a fresh tone of lipstick that can be kissable in the same time.
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We jump now from highlighted eyes to all the attention focused on the lips. You may say that it’s hard to find the appropriate spicy tone of lipstick. In fact it isn’t hard at all: if you want to focus all the attention towards your eyes you can apply for a nude pink or peach on the lips and if you want to do the reverse thing you can simply use a really spicy of lipstick and draw a slight line of eyeliner on your eyes. See? It’s not hard at all.

There are some makeup styles which involve the usage of colors both on the lips and in the eyes as well. We hope that you’ve noticed these particular styles and you understand them in the same time.

Also, besides the classical matte colors, there are also some particular styles in which you can apply for a really glittery lipstick or lip gloss and in this case we recommend you to leave the eyes nude.

Note that such a makeup style for the lips isn’t appropriate to use even when you’re out with the girls, it’s too extravagant, but if you want to shock it’s definitely the right way in which you can do it!