Egyptian eye makeup

Most of you may be fascinated of the Egyptian makeup style and you’re right to feel in this way, because it denotes mystery and beauty in the same time. it’s indeed a type of makeup that needs precision and a lot of time spent in front of the mirror. In these lines maybe you’ll have an idea of how it can be realized and we refer mostly to the eye makeup, because that’s the main part in this style and it’s all about the lines and dark colors….
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The makeup foundation for which you apply for isn’t important. You may apply for any color you wish and for the lips too, just make sure that the two of them are in perfect coordination. The part with the eye makeup is harder and we will start by inspiring ourselves from the old movie in which Elisabeth Taylor was the main character and in which she played the role of Cleopatra.

In order to draw all the attention towards the eyes you need to start with highlighting your eyes with the help of a black pencil. The next thing we want to mention about concerns the eye color. This aspect is very important too, because you need a dark tone and it’s important to use it on the entire superior eyelid. In the interior corner of the eyes you may apply a darker shade and you may also paint the eyebrows with a black pencil.

Also this makeup style is art and you wouldn’t go outside wearing it, you may wear it in a special occasion or something like that. The final aspect concerning this makeup is the long line traced in the exterior corner of your eye with the help of the liquid eyeliner.

Indeed, you need a lot of time to realize this type of makeup and if you pay extreme attention you’ll end up with obtaining a marvelous result, who knows? If it doesn’t succeed from the first time, maybe it will in the second or third….

Besides the dark eye colors you may also want to use a blue, a turquoise maybe because it’s specific to that period too. Use it on all the surface of your superior side of eye towards the nose. The next thing is to trace the contour of your eyes with the help of black eyeliner and continue in the exterior corner towards the ears with a vast line. The eyebrows, as we mentioned before can be highlighted with the help of the liquid eyeliner and you may create that symmetric look and perfection with eye color or different pencils.

With the look mentioned previously you can get out on the streets or in town, you’ll definitely have a special something and differ from the lazy makeup that some women apply on their face every now and then.

Besides the variants with the liquid eyeliners and lines, you can apply for this prolonged eye format with the help of powder eyeliner used on the entire surface of the upper eyelid and continuing in the exterior corner of the eyes with a thin and angular line.