Mime makeup

The mime makeup is a very special looking type and there are some people that have tried this model on their face at least once in their lifetime. They don’t do it because they want to be mimes, just by curiosity and you can realize it yourself in the front of the mirror and with simple cosmetic products.

The basic thing is to apply makeup foundation in the lightest tone there is on the market. If it happens not to find a light tone of makeup then you can add some white powder with the help of a thick brush. Make sure that your face is covered entirely in white. Black and white is specific tones for this type of makeup; the colors are the same, but the models differ….

If you don’t have special paint for the complexion, then you can use black eyeliner when it comes to highlighting the eyes and creating models on them. In this particular image there are angles created on the eyes with the help of black eyeliner and let’s also mention that this model is very similar to some clown symbols…. Besides the black angles there is made a tear with the help of the same color of eyeliner. Another thing that you have to do is to apply pencil eyeliner in the interior side of the eyes in order to focus all the attention towards them!

The lips are very important in this makeup too. Take a dark colored lipstick or lip gloss and create a heart in the middle side of both of your lips, similarly to the image that we’ve suggested here.

Of course you remember Lady Gaga’s video in which she looks like Mickey Mouse. Well, similar to that look there are also mime makeup styles that look similarly: some black mouse years realized on the lips with the help of black lip stick and a thin mole created with the black eyeliner.

The situation is the same: apply compact makeup on the entire surface of your face and you’ll see that all the attention will be attracted by that particular “drawing”.

Another variant of mime makeup is to start from the same point as the others with the white background and don’t forget to highlight your eyes with the help of the black eyeliner. You can also draw some lines on your cheeks, prolonged from the eye areas. The lips can be entirely highlighted with the help of a black lipstick and this time apply it on the entire surface of your lips, in contrast with the other styles in which there were small drawings and so on….

Take elements from different styles of makeup and apply them accordingly to this style, take motifs and details and paint them with the help of black and white. There’s also the variant in which you can paint your lips red and the rest is white and black. It sounds interesting, doesn’t it?