Great looking blushes

Indeed applying make-up on your face is a sort of an art. We’re back with the make-up products used for the complexion in order for it to look fresh and young. Today we’re continuing a previous topic regarding blushes. This time we’re going to bring nice looking cassettes with such products and maybe you’ll think of acquiring some of these.

great looking blushes

We start with a nice a cassette that isn’t that interesting in itself, but the product in it is arranged in a pretty manner and it has nice patterns on it. You can observe a flower made of powder brush and it’s quite interesting, don’t you think so? If you apply this make-up product on your face you’ll look glowing and you may apply it on your cheekbones in order to highlight.

Here’s how you put it on your face: take the brush and run it through the product, after that shake it a little bit and begin playing with the brush on your face. You may insist in the cheekbones area if you want to make your face look slimmer.

Let’s also mention that this product isn’t expensive at all…. It’s under $30 and you can be sure that it is long resistant in time.

We forgot about presenting you the cassette in which this powder is placed: it’s square shaped and it has a mirror in the upper side that will certainly help you when you want to apply this product on your face. Also, the silvery touch of this box will give you a elegant touch and after all, our make-up cases are considered accessories, aren’t they?!

Another interesting looking cassette with powder blush is really colored and it looks like a mosaic. This blusher is especially produced for that category of women that like to give a slight touch of color on their faces.

This cassette contains matte powder, some other hues that confer a neutral touch of color. Being pretty colored you can be sure that it fits with all types of skins and colors too.

Let’s talk about the box in which this make-up product is placed: it’s black and square with round margins. In the interior it has a round shape: the mirror is round and the place in which the make-up is placed.

Also, this product can be definitely considered as an accessory, because it looks really great and elegant and if it happens for you to take it out of your purse no one will notice what it is, or let’s admit it that they won’t even notice it at all because it’s quite small in dimensions. It can be found in two major basic tones: brown and pink. Its price it’s under $40 so if you want to acquire it it’s not a matter of money, because it isn’t that expensive.