Crazy makeup 2

Our list of crazy makeup continues and we’ve got some other interesting makeup looks and styles for you, in order that you have where to choose from. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our previous article and also that you find this one as interesting as the other one….

We start with a great looking makeup that would be ideal for blue eyes. Here is what you need in order to realize it: blue eyeshade, yellow eyeshade and liquid and black eyeliner and this time we’re going to refer only to eye makeup.

Start with applying that gorgeous blue eye shade tone on the superior eyelid up to the line of the bone. Also, you can use a brown eye shade underneath and in the arcade in order to accentuate the blue in the eyes. The next step is to apply that blue eye shade tone on the inferior eyelid and on the exterior corner of the eye as well as the interior one use the gold –yellow tone. Next is to trace two beautiful lines with the help of the black and liquid eyeliner, similar to the Egyptian eyes. Also, we don’t recommend you to use mascara for this makeup style, because you need only to highlight the beautiful curves and colors used….
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
You can apply for a dramatic look with the help of makeup product that is made only of glitter: you can use black and white glitter and combine these in an interesting manner together with fake eyelashes.

The effect? Scrumptious! Use the white glitter on the superior eyelid entirely and on the arcade and the inferior eyelid as well as the interior and exterior corner of the eye use black glitter. Make sure that the false eyelashes have a dark black tone and you’re going to see just how great you are going to look….

Our last suggestion up to this moment consists of subtle colors and shades, but it’s a piece of art due to the elements used…. Here’s what you need: black eyeliner and blue eye color and a funky color of mascara and let’s not forget about glitter.

Don’t forget to apply some blush in your cheeks in order to complete the look! Highlight your eyes with the help of the contour kohl and do it only on the line of the eyelashes, the inferior ones…. Use blue eye shade and contour your eyes with its help in the inferior and superior eyelid. Finish with adding that kooky color of mascara that we’ve just mentioned about. Also, we need to mention that you can add some glitter on the exterior corner of your eyes in order to confer yourself an interesting look.

The lips should remain very glossy and natural tone. Use a product that doesn’t have any shimmer in it and that delivers a voluptuous impression of them.