Fall look 3

We promised to bring to you some extra examples of how you should look in this autumn season, we kept or promise and we would like to continue with presenting you some other flamboyant looks that we’re sure you’re going to appreciate pretty much. You won’t encounter any problems in realizing such makeup styles as long as you listen to our pieces of advice.

So, here’s how we continue with a good looking fall makeup style, which is really fashionable during this future fall season. This one is suggested by Yves Saint Laurent and all the accent is placed on how passionate the woman is, her life is like a theater, the main focus is both on the eyes and the lips, there are used metallic eye shadows and shimmering in the same time and matte tones of lipstick that seem to have a certain glitter deep down.
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We start with the basics! The complexion should look perfect, there shouldn’t be any defects or unwanted parts on the surface of your complexion. As for the cheeks, try applying a slight peachy tone which can be a little bit shimmering in the same time and in the internal surface of your face you should use an illuminator in order to place the whole accent on your eyes and internal side of your face. Also, we forgot to mention that instead of a makeup foundation for the complexion you can also apply for a compact powder, the effect is dazzling and really great looking in the same time….

The eyes should be highlighted with the help of the shimmering and metallic eye shadows that we’ve just mentioned about previously. You can mix different interesting looking tones of green, violet and beige in the same time: apply the brighter tones in the internal side of your eyes (gold or beige) and the purple and green in the external corner of your eyes. Also, you can get over the normal line of your eyes and this will definitely place the entire accent on your eyes.

As for the lips, we recommend you to use a dark tone of lipstick that has as shimmering tone in the background. This is a nice combination of details and in the end you can be sure you’re going to end up with a nice looking makeup style that focuses all the attention both on the eyes and the lips. This is a fall look that we’re sure you’re going to feel pretty enchanted to wear in a special occasion!