Sensual spring look

The last time we’ve talked about make-up we promised to return and make some specifications regarding these. We were talking about spring colors and ways of adorning our face with these. We continue presenting you steps in order to have a sensual yet natural look….

We start with the face! Forget about the make-up foundation! It is spring, let your complexion breathe and feel the pleasant breeze on your face and the sun without being worried that you’ve messed up your aspect! We recommend for the entire face a highlighter that will make your face be enlightened and it gives you a really fresh touch.

For the cheeks we recommend the usage of another highlighter, which is a shimmering blush! These products make your face look wonderful.

We continue with the eyes. Combine shimmering colors in different eye colors! You have a large range of colors from where you can choose and blend them in such way that they look magnificent. You have, for example, to choose from pink, blue, purple, gray and black, these 5 want to remember you of warm nights that smell like fresh flowers and grass. There are also different palettes that have at the basis different ideas: bronze, sky, water, desert, city and gardens.

From our suggestion we recommend you to combine blue and pink in this manner: start with adding pink on the entire upper eyelid and only in corners you can add some of that blue, you may continue with the last colors also on the down eyelids, but in the exterior corners. For extra effect, you can add some shimmering products in the corners of the eyes as to make your face really glamorous. When you finish with the eye colors apply softly mascara, black that is, and you’re all done!

We end with the lips on which we suggest you to apply a natural color of lipstick, which can be matte and over it you can apply an extra layer of lip gloss, without glitter in it: just transparent, that’s all! After you’ve done this to your lips you will see that they will have extra volume and if it happens to meet with a man on the street he’ll feel the temptation of kissing you! This last thing was a joke!

You have now a recollection of spring make-ups and we’re sure that you’ve already stopped only over one. It’s great to try all of them and see what style and what products suit you the most! If you know that you can’t handle doing your make-up all by yourself ask a friend to do it for you and return her the favor after!