Hazel eyes makeup

So, do you have hazel colors and you don’t know exactly how to place makeup on them? This won’t rise up a question mark anymore, because we’ve got just the right solutions for you…. We’re more than sure that after you read this topic you’re going to know exactly how to realize a great looking makeup for your beautiful eyes. Good luck in combining all the ideas suggested here, all the colors and indications and certainly you’re going to end up looking fine.

We start with a combination of golden tones with brown. How does this sound? Well, it sounds interesting, as long as we’ve seen that most of the women try it. If you know how to play with colors, be sure that you’re going to end up looking fine….
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We start with the basics: take a golden eye shade and apply it around your eye lids and on the inferior ones as well. Take the brown eye shade and add it in the external corner of your eyes so that you create the impression of prolonged eyes, do it somewhere underneath the arcade just to be sure.

Another hint that we have for you is to apply a white eye color, or one that is shimmering and really light in tone, just under the eyebrows in order to confer your eyes a touch of luminosity, because it’s necessary and also it makes your eyes bigger. The final step for this kind of makeup is to add eyeliner, be it liquid or pencil and continue towards the exterior corner of your eyes with a slight “tail”.

Another suggestion that we have and is just great for hazel eyes is this one and it is definitely with a natural touch if you look attentively. So, take a natural brown shadow and apply it on your superior eyelids in order to highlight your eyes in a pleasant manner. To make this “imagery” complete, we suggest you to add extra layers of mascara and curl your lashes as much as you can.

These two elements combined together: the mascara and the natural brown will definitely create an interesting visual effect and we recommend it totally in case you want to apply a fast makeup style and you’re on the rush…. Be sure that if you talk with someone he or she will look you directly in the eyes, due to this great looking style of makeup.

Also, let’s mention that the styles mentioned here aren’t the only ones, so the topic continues in order for you to make a general idea and to apply for a type of makeup or another in no matter occasion and looking really fine in the same time. Good luck and thank you if you take into consideration the hints offered here.