Exotic makeup

The exotic makeup is that special type that is based on shiny tones of colors together with darker ones in order to confer your eyes a special look, really intense and sexy in the same time. Besides the eyes, the lips are important too, you have to apply for a glittery or a shiny gloss and be sure that the result is guaranteed.

You will be offered some examples, as usual, and you’re definitely going to end up looking great and exotic, most of all. So let’s see some features regarding this type of makeup. It is based on the tanned skin and the shiny colors, used in different combinations, the great amount of mascara and also the glossy and intense looking lips too.

Use a makeup foundation, very close to your natural skin tone, but make sure that it has a golden tone. The next thing is to begin applying different tones of colors, but these necessarily need to be shimmering, use darker shades in the exterior corners of your eyes and lighter ones in the interior angle. It doesn’t matter for what color you apply for, just make sure that it fits your eye color, hair color and what you’re wearing. Another important thing in the exotic makeup is to use the black eyeliner or whatever tone you like: highlight your eyes with its help and make great looking contours all around your eyes.
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Another great looking exotic makeup has at the basis silvery tones together with smoky black. So the basic thing is to apply the silvery tone on the superior eyelid, all around and on the internal corner too. The next thing is to apply the darker color in the external corner of your eyes continuing with the lower side too. Let’s also mention that in the interior side of the eye you can add a layer of black eye pencil and let’s not forget to end with extra layers of mascara.

We said something about color and we continue in this tone mentioning that you can use matte colors too on your eyelids, making sure that you’re really playful in what you do. Another important corner is the arcade; highlight it with the help of a darker color and shinier color. End with extra layers of mascara and you shouldn’t forget that!

You can realize this type of makeup only with the help of black eyeliner, both liquid and pencil: highlight your eyes, do nice contours and create the prolonged impression too. The next phase is to add a light tone of color on your eyelids and make sure that the arcades are highlighted with the help of shades and lighter tones underneath the eyebrows.

The lips should always look glossy and shiny and you can do this thing with the help of a transparent gloss or with a pink shimmering one or any other color that you thing it’s suitable!