Blue eyes makeup

Blue eyes are gorgeous and really great looking, but they can look better and better if they’re highlighted with the help of the appropriate makeup. Indeed, you’re going to read about such great looking makeup styles in the lines to come and we’re sure that this will please you pretty much.

Use a light tone of makeup foundation, very similar to your natural look and this is the first step when it comes to highlighting your gorgeous eyes. The next thing is to take a brown eye shadow or a pencil in the same tone together with a pink eye shadow and mascara. So, take the brown cosmetic product and begin applying it in the external corner of your eyes in order to create a slight impression of cat eye look.

The next phase consists in applying the pink eye shadow just underneath the arcade and realizing a gorgeous look. This will definitely boost all the attention towards you gorgeous looking eyes and we’re sure that this is the effect that you’re wanting. Add mascara and that’s it for the eyes.
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The lips can be highlighted with the help of a pink lip gloss that isn’t glossy at all, in fact we recommend you to use a lip stick that has the look of a pearl and will make your lips look fresh and neat in the same time.

Here’s another gorgeous combination of colors and styles and it will definitely see interesting to you, due to the elements involved. So, we would like to speak about a semi dramatic makeup that will make you look gorgeous and this is a look ideal for going to a party or in a fancy place.

You need a pink and a brown eye shadow and a liquid eyeliner and let’s not forget about the mascara as well. Add the pink eye shadow on the superior eyelashes on the entire surface and add the brown one exactly underneath the arcade in order to confer a nice visual impression.

Drag a line with the help of the liquid eyeliner on the superior eyelashes and you can end up with the line being curvy. The mascara should be added only on the superior eyelashes to make them look gorgeous and to focus all the attention there.

As for the lips, we recommend you to use a spicy color of pink of lipstick, without any glitter in it and this will definitely be the perfect look for you!