Attracting attention through makeup 2

We’re left with some other makeup styles and details that will definitely seem interesting to you and be sure that you’re going to attract some eyes with these- as well as you could do with the others. We would feel pretty great if you take into consideration the pieces of advice offered here and that you apply for some of our makeup styles.

The neon makeup style is one that doesn’t attract many ladies because they consider it vulgar and old fashioned. It still remains in trend as long as you know how to adapt it to your personal taste and to our times. In this particular makeup style there are used all types of kooky colors and in really vibrant tones.

As we mentioned just some lines before, you have to adapt it to your personal taste and you can be sure that you’re going to obtain a really nice look. Also, through the colors used you can be certain that you’re going to attract some eyes and make the ones surrounding you stare at you. This will definitely be a makeup style that will be adapted by a young lady that is in need of attention or you can use it as well in a thematic party.
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The dramatic eyeliner is another makeup style and it’s often used, because it’s simple and it doesn’t involve too many difficulties in realizing it. You can apply for using the eyeliner on the “naked” skin, without any eyeshades or you can use it in combination with other eyeshades in different colors and tones –depending on your personal taste.

We recommend you this nice combination: white or silvery eye shadow and over it a thin line of black liquid eyeliner that continues on the exterior corner of the eye, towards the eyebrows. Quite an interesting suggestion, don’t you think so? Or, you can apply for using several color shades that will be applied on the eyelid or on the arcade into forming a really nice visual effect.

You can use the liquid eyeliner or the powder one, because you need a large amount of such product and you will complicate yourself with the contour kohl. Let’s also mention that you can highlight your eyes all around with this liquid eyeliner or you can simply apply for using it on the superior eyelid. No matter what you choose, the dramatic effect is created by the big amount of black used! Let’s also mention that it’s really in trend in case you want to be extravagant and you can definitely use it during the night time.