Different makeup styles with bright colors 2

We continue with our suggestions concerning different makeup styles in which there are used lots of colors. The first example with which we want to start our topic looks pretty interesting and be sure that you will adore it just after you see it. To be sincere, we’ve seen this type of makeup while we were walking on the street and we like it pretty much, because it offers the lady a pretty interesting and playful style. Also, we recommend it for those that are blond haired and have a really light skin color tone and another thing that counts is the color of the eyes.
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Let’s start with the basics: the makeup foundation. Try to use a light tone of makeup foundation and use just a slight tone of blush in your cheeks, don’t make it that visible. Ad for the eyes we recommend you to use blue, but a matte one without any shimmering ingredients.

Apply this shade in the exterior corner of your eyes, just underneath the arcade. As for the interior corner we recommend you not to use the eye shade if it’s too dark, because it won’t be such a nice visual effect. When it comes to the eyelashes we recommend you to use multiple layers of mascara on the superior eyelashes and on the inferior ones just a slight touch.

The lips are also really important and they need to be highlighted as well. You can use a really spicy and creamy red lipstick. This one will definitely create a nice visual impression, be sure of that!

And speaking of blue makeup here’s a nice combination of colors that will definitely seem interesting to you. Yes, indeed it’s a combination of nice color tones and you can apply for it in case you want something different and want to be considered outrageous. We just want you to know one thing: it involves precision and a lot of patience.

Start with adding the bright tone of green or blue whatever color you’ve decided on and spread it all around your eyes, including your arcades, up to the eyebrows. The next step consists in adding a darker shade of eye shade underneath the arcade in such a manner that you play with the eyeshades. Add this eyeshade also towards the exterior corner of your eyes and make sure that you’ve highlighted your eyes in a very pleasant manner.

The next step consists in adding liquid eyeliner, contour your eyes with precision and create a slight impression of an Egyptian eye. Finish with adding extra layers of mascara on the superior eyelashes and this is how you’ve obtained a really nice looking makeup style.