Dramatic eyes makeup 2

We promised to continue with the examples concerning the dramatic eyes makeup style and we’ve got some other interesting stuff here so that you have where to choose from. Here’s how we start with quite an interesting variant of dramatic eye makeup and it’s all about the elements involved. For instance, this type of makeup isn’t ideal only for black women, but for women of all colors in general, the aspect remains the same: outrageous with all the elements involved.

So, here’s what you definitely need in order to apply for a variant like this one: a lot of black eyeliner. The basic thing is to contour your eyes all around and then start to make the impression of prolonged eyes. Let’s also mention that the upper eyelid is covered almost entirely by this black tone and it goes in this way up to under the arcade area. This is an interesting makeup style and we hope that you consider applying for it.
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Here’s another makeup design, which is dramatic as well and it will definitely highlight your eyes! Si here’s what you need: mascara and a gray tone of eye shade, as well as a light one. Take the white eye shade and apply it in the interior corner of your eyes, this will give your eyes a touch of brightness and volume in the same time; you’re going to see thing immediately.

The next thing is to take the gray eye shade that we’ve been mentioned above previously and apply it on the upper eyelid, spreading it only on the superior eyelid, underneath the arcade area.

This is an exquisite manner of applying makeup on your face and in the same time it’s going to give your eyes extra volume and a great looking look. Finish with multiple layers of mascara and you’re going to see just how great this combination makes your eyes look like does.

We’ve mentioned some things about the eyes, but the rest of the face has been omitted both here and in the other variant. Well, in both of these cases we suggest you to apply for a really natural looking makeup foundation and leave behind blushed and spicy tones in your cheeks.

Ad for the lips, we recommend you to use a transparent lip balm, with no odor or any other texture and you’re going to look just fine. Remember: when you emphasize the attention your eyes, you have to omit the rest of you face, because there will be too many hot spots on your face and you wouldn’t want that, would you?