Professional brushes for make-up

Ladies we’ve mentioning different types of make-up and in what order you should apply it. We owe you a topic on brushes and products used for applying cosmetics. Here you have it and we hope to help you. After all, that’s what we want: offering you help….

We will present you some models of brushes for every “chapter” done in the make-up art. So we start with the brush used for applying make-up foundation. This brush is thick and it is really fine! It will help you spread the powder and you can also use it for applying blush in your cheeks after you’ve finished all the “processes” in creating your daily look. When you decide to buy such a brush make sure that its component threads feel really great on the skin and every time you put it on your face is like caressing it…. As a brief conclusion: this brush is the thickest of all, because it needs to cover a large surface.

We continue with the brush especially designed for covering the dark circles and all the unpleasant looking areas under the eyes; with this thin brush you can mask all the veins under your eyes and the unwanted shades. Use concealer and you’ll see how great the area around your eyes will look. Make sure that the brush is made of the finest threads ever and that it feels great on your skin.

As mentioned before the model presented for the make-up foundation brush can be also used for the cheeks in order to apply blush!

The brush used for the lips is the thinnest of them all! Place the tip of the brush on your lipstick or gloss and after apply the cosmetic product on your lips. You’ll see how this instrument will make your lips look greater and delicious even. The advantage of using a brush consists in the fact that you can reach certain areas that you can’t reach for when using the classical lipstick….

The eyeliner brush! Its name tells it all! You can use this instrument to spread the powder eyeliner around your eyes. Many women consider this method effective in comparison to the crayon and the stick eyeliner. Well we would like to say that all these methods are great when it comes to beautifying, but you’ll do it more precise if you choose to use such a brush. We love it! It’s just so thin and it tells you from every angle that it’s easy to manage.

There’s also a thin brush used for giving shadows to the eyes. Move the brush into the eye colors and see how great it is compared to the classical sponge! We totally recommend all these brushes and they’re not difficult to be found on the market.

The last model of brush is that used for the eyebrows. This type helps your eyebrows look great and you can also apply some color in them in order to feel the empty spaces. You can also use it for your eyelashes.