Make-up for christmas or new year’s eve

It`s impossible not to feel the commotion in the urban areas. Why all the fuss? Well, ho! ho! Christmas is approaching and certainly all the people feel it in their souls, pockets and so on! Speaking of Christmas, you have to go to a fancy restaurant with all your friends and you don`t know what make-up you should use in this occasion? Or simply you have no idea how to look in the New Year`s Eve? Here you`ve got some suggestions that you may want to take into consideration….

In order to have a nice aspect, you need these “ingredients”: an appropriate make-up foundation for your skin color and texture, eyebrows crayon, black liquid eyeliner, black kohl crayon, black mascara, red lip liner, red lipstick, and a powder in a neutral nuance.

After you have all the products mentioned above, you need to do the next steps: apply the make-up foundation on the face, neck and cleavage area, and some powder over it. Trace a thin line on the eyelids, over the eyelashes. To make your make-up much intense, apply black contour kohl on the interior of the superior eyelid! Put some creamy crayon over the eyebrows, with a darker nuance than the natural color. Apply black mascara at the end and the cheek powder. This is the chapter regarding the make-up for the eyes!

The next step is dedicated to the lips. Make sure your lips are very intense and apply a mate red on them. You must apply the contour properly; if you miss some spots you may ruin the entire make-up! Begin the contour from the interior to the exterior side, in the end take a brush and apply your lipstick…

The haircut and the way it is arranged must be in perfect symmetry with the make-up. If you want to look extravagant and retro, make some natural curls from your hair threads and maybe you are going to look like Marilyn Monroe. You can also put a flower in your hair, maybe a rose to give a Spanish look! These being said, this is the retro variant of the make-up for Christmas and New Year`s Eve! For further suggestions you can read the other articles and see what`s fashionable in make-up and hairdos and maybe you`ll apply the pieces of advice on you in the 2 big nights!