Natural makeup 2

We hope that our makeup hints for natural looks presented last time seemed really interesting to you and that you’re considering of applying for these in the future time. We continue our list of such looks with some other great looking makeup that are really natural in the same time and of course don’t involve the usage of too many cosmetics products.

A woman’s beauty is often compared with the beauty of a flower and let’s draw the conclusion that she really is in this way. And speaking of this aspect let’s offer you a natural look that recalls the woman’s aspect with one of a flower and this particular look involves the usage of pale pink tones.

We start with suggesting you to apply for a makeup foundation that offers your face the aspect of porcelain and that has in it a pink tone as well. Also, use pink shades in your cheeks as blush and this will definitely make your face look dazzling. Another aspect that we want to consider concerns the usage of eye shadow.
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Do it in a very slight manner and this time we recommend you to use two different tones of pink eye shadows, a lighter one and a darker one. Or, you can use a white tone that is very glittery in the same time and in the external corner of your eyes feel free to use a darker shade of pink, the one that was just mentioned previously. Finish with adding mascara on the superior eyelashes mostly in order to highlight your eyes in a gorgeous manner and this will definitely make you look fresh and great looking.

As for the lips, we recommend you to use a pale pink as well, but use a lip gloss that doesn’t have any glitter in it. Make it really shiny and creamy and this will definitely be in perfect coordination with your great looking aspect.

The next suggestion that we have for you concerns also the usage of pink eye shadow and lip gloss. In this case we’re speaking about red haired women and these are definitely advantaged by this particular color. So, you may apply for highlighting slightly your eyes with the help of brown eyeliner.

Use a lighter tone of eye shadow in the interior corner of your eyes, a lighter tone of pink and underneath the arcade you may apply for using a pink tone that is very great looking in the same time. Finish with adding extra layers of mascara on the superior eyelashes and you look is complete. As for the lips, we recommend you to use a coral tone of lipstick that will make them shine and really look gorgeous and sexy in the same time.