Fall look 5

We promised to bring you as many fall looks as possible and we exposed numerous examples in which we recommended you to use some cosmetic products and to look great in the same time. It’s not hard at all to apply for one of these looks, the only thing is to apply for our pieces of advice and keep in mind all the details and suggestions exposed here.

Here’s how we continue with another interesting looking fall look and this particular makeup style is going to make you look gorgeous and trendy in the same time. Let’s not forget to specify that all the looks presented up to this moment are going to be really fashionable and you should start applying for them beginning from this moment.

Let’s start with the complexion. How can you realize the porcelain aspect? Well, it’s not hard at all! You can apply for a makeup foundation that has a really fine texture and that confers your face a little bit of pale aspect. This is what you need for this particular type of makeup and you’re going to see just how great all these elements are going to be together.
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So, we continue with the cheeks. Use a blush that confers your face a really nice aspect and it makes you look just great with fine features in the same time.

The eyebrows are really important as well: brush them and use contour kohl in order to highlight them pretty much. This is an exquisite combination of elements and we’re sure that you’re going to love all these features together.

The eyes should be highlighted only with the help of an eye shadow and let’s not forget about the mascara as well. So, apply the eye shadow all around your eyes and make them pop out your entire complexion and face. Use the eye shadow on the superior lid and on the inferior one as well, you can use it on the line of the eyelashes as well. Continue with highlighting your eyes with the help of the mascara and make your eyes simply pop out! This combination will definitely confer this marvelous effect and let’s not forget that the last element that will offer you the final touch is the lip gloss, which definitely needs to be in a darker color. So how about that? does it sound pretty interesting to you? Well, it should!

And the examples don’t end here, because we’ve got some other ones and we hope that you enjoy these as well….