1920s makeup styles and tones

A really popular element concerned the really thin eyebrows. In fact, your eyebrows were covered with makeup foundation or light eye shade and somewhere on the forehead there was drawn another eyebrow made with black kohl. The rest of the face looks as if it’s made of porcelain with no unpleasant shades.

There’s a slight shade in the middle side of the cheeks with a really light tone of blush. The eyes are highlighted pretty well through the usage of a dark eyeshade all around and sometimes you can renounce to the mascara. The lips are painted with a matte lipstick in a dark tone, but it can be any other tone of red: red is the basis….
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As you can observe the eyes are focused pretty well in the 1920s makeup styles. Here’s how we continue this idea with mentioning the fact that they used false eyelashes pretty well and a lot of mascara in order to highlight your eyes in a beautiful manner. Combine this black of the eyelashes with great looking eye shades like green, blue, turquoise, dark grey and charcoal.

Besides the emphasized eyes with all those elements: kooky eyeshade colors and drawing the eyebrows, the lips had a special manner of being “painted”. And you’re going to observe this thing from the lines to come: the lower lip is highlighted pretty well and on the superior one you go with the lipstick over the margins and create a rounded impression. This is quite an interesting manner of highlighting them and you also create the image of a small mouth.

As we mentioned previously red was really popular in the 1920s makeup styles. The basic red lipstick used was matte and there is several color tones in which it could be found: oranges, roses, deep brown red and raspberry color.

There are certain variations of red that were popular in those times and we’re sure that you’re going to feel enchanted to try them on your lips in order to create the impression of vintage makeup.

As long as you cope all the elements indicated by us with your own ideas you’re going to be able to realize a modern, yet vintage makeup style that will definitely be great looking for the occasion you intend on going.

The 1920s makeup reveals a strong woman that is really sexy and self confident in the same time. The eye makeup denotes power and the dramatic makeup style used sometimes can reveal the glamorous style.

Those red lips are definitely sexy and daring in the same time and we’re sure that the modern woman can’t simply get enough of using red on her lips: this color makes her feel self confident and definitely will make her fall in love with her beauty.