In trend make-up with eyeliner

As mentioned in several times, the black eyeliner seems to remain in trend and will remain some years now! There is a tendency towards highlighting the intensity of the woman`s sight and conferring a nice look to her eyelashes with the help of mascara! The eyes are now profound and sexy! You can have a tribal make-up, one that inspires youth or one that confers you a masculine air! Let`s see some suggestions and hints regarding the usage of the black and liquid eyeliner this year!

Let`s begin with the exaggerated lines, derived from the tribal style! Remember Amy Winehouse`s look? With that XXL loop and those thick and black lines drawn on her eyes? Well, that`s the type of look that the stylists would recommend to the cosmopolitan woman with no barriers! She defines herself as being strong and in need of power!

The fact that she adopts a thick black line for her eyes show courage and marks the fact that she loves fashion and this type of make-up inspired by the tribal features goes really well with fine animal prints but not in an exaggerate manner! The line traced with eyeliner can continue to the eyebrow`s corner or even go over it!

Another type of make-up with eyeliner is that used with a big quantity of mascara! This type of make-up highlights really nice the eyes and confers the woman a pussycat look a like aspect! Her eyelashes are really long like similar to those of a cat! She is once again strong, and let`s talk in metaphors and say that if she`s hurt or something like that, she`ll be able to use her nails!

You can have a really young aspect with the help of black eyeliner and mascara: trace lines on the exterior sides of the eyes and that will confer a XXL size to your sight and a certain adolescent aspect! After this, use some mascara on the both pairs of eyelashes and you`re ready to go to school if we can say it in this way!

The classical line traced only on the upper eyelid with the liquid, black eyeliner is thin no more! It`s thick and it is longer than it used to be! This type of line highlights a certain masculinity side of the woman; she is strong only by using the power of her sight and her eyes!

If she uses mascara only on the upper eyelashes, this expression is going to be highlighted more and more! Avoid using crayon or mascara on the down side of the eye, because you`r eyes will become too small and you won`t look good at all!

Many women prefer this type of make-up because it`s simple and it`s fast to apply! Think of how much time you have to spend now in front of the mirror if you want to make these thick lines! If you don`t like the idea of thick lines, you can always apply for thin ones, very adolescent type and still look great!