Make-up used on the eye

You haven`t got any idea of what color is best to underline the beauty of your eyes? Try these things and surely you will have only good results!

If the color of your eyes is blue try pink or a brick color. The light shadows contrast with the sensation of “cold” given by the eyes, and so it will be accentuated! Apply the paint from your eyebrows towards the centre of the eyelid and after you do this it is necessary to use black mascara!

Do you have dark brown eyes? Then try gold or green, both colors will make your look resemble sensuality. Pick paint with a shining texture and apply it from the eyebrows towards the arcade!

Are your eyes green? Maybe you should try lila, that make your eyes more intense, being in contrast with the color of your eyes, or a dark brick color that seem to be in harmony with the green tones! Try using lila in the evening, and the other nuance in the day time. Apply brown mascara!

If your eyes are light brown try using dark green or mat yellow, accordingly to your state pick a color to create shadows and confer expressivity to your sight. To underline the beauty of your eyes apply firstly a dark nuance and then wet the brush and trace a line at the bottom of your eyelids.

Everybody can use dark colors like dark green, brown or black, but as a piece of advice: use them at the base of your eyelids in order to make your sight seem lightened. Don`t apply them on the whole eyelid, it creates an unpleasant image!

Most of the women trace a simple black line, with the eyeliner, but you should consider applying firstly some white on your eyelids, it will offer a retro image, resembling the grand era of Marilyn Monroe which is believed to be a trend setter!

Another thing that must be taken into account is that you should avoid creamy nuances applied on your eyelids if you have small eyes; this product makes them look “dirty”!

If you use make-up in the morning and you are a busy woman that is occupied all day you can try to take your make-up in your purse and freshen it up a little bit, because it isn`t resistant all day long, it tends to become greasy and it may also be removed…

If you have prominent arcades it is necessary to avoid shadows because they darken your sight, so use only a nuance and make sure it is a shiny one, surely you will look marvelous!

If you want to look glamorous in a night out with your girlfriends in the club maybe you don`t necessarily need strident colors or glitter applied on your eyes! If you take seriously the advices given below you won`t look exaggerate or gloomy! Your make-up will surely be a real success!