Ways of using eye shadows 2

We continue with our makeup hints that concern ways of using eye shades. As you could observe from our previous article, there are several ways in which you can highlight your eyes and playing with shades in the same time.

You only have to focus on your favorite colors, if you have ones and combine them with colors that go pretty great with them. We will offer you some examples in order to make a general idea of what we’re talking about and in case you don’t have your own ideas on how to use eye colors.

There’s a nice combination of great looking eye shades like green and purple, which kind of go great together and we’re sure that you won’t remain disappointed of the interesting visual effect that is created.

A great combination would be also pink with blue and you can play with some other colors if you feel like doing it! The basic thing is to see with what color you think that your eyes look great with. It’s not hard at all!
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We present to you the professional makeup style and way if using the eye shadows! Well, it isn’t that hard. You only have to apply for a neutral tone of eye shadow and the effect is guaranteed. Let’s also mention that you can use the mascara on the upper lashes only. And get rid of the eyeliner just this time. Together with that neutral eye shade there are some other ones that you can apply for and we’re sure that you’re going to look just great.

Shimmering eye shadow goes great every time you want to look glamorous and different from the others. You can apply for a shimmering concealer that will highlight your eyes in a very interesting manner or you can take a really shimmering eye shadow and use it underneath the line of the inferior lashes. Be sure that you’re going to look great if you end up with using a great amount of mascara as well.

Playing with matte bright colors can be a really interesting exercise for creating an interesting makeup style. Take some colors from your cassette, those that you like the more and start applying these on the upper eyelid in different manners, so that you create a really interesting visual effect. Let’s mention that of you end with extra layers of mascara the effect is guaranteed and you can create a really interesting visual effect as well.