Makeup tips for brides-to-be

Many brides-to-be who trust their makeup skills will charge themselves with the embellishing of their wedding appearance. This means that they will be the ones who will do the bridal makeup, thus saving the money they would have paid for hiring a makeup artist. Anyway, if you believe that some makeup tips would help you out, in the following lines you will find some great tricks that will transform your wedding makeup into something completely glamorous.
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Our first makeup tip will make your eyes pop, since our advice would be for you to have some glossy eyelids. In order to achieve this look you will have to apply some lip balm or a gloss that is not sticky on your eyelids, using your finger. You could apply it over the eye shadow or directly on the eyelid. If you are aiming at getting a romantic look, then you should use a pink balm. Also, in order to have a uniform appearance, our advice would be to use the same gloss on your lips, too.

Moving on, we would like to talk about your cheeks and our suggestion for you would be to try the Drama-Queen look. For this, you will have to use a foam cheek blush, in order to get a more contemporary look. Then, apply it with a brush, following the cheeks line towards the ear. As for the shade we recommend using a bolder nuance, such as: fuchsia or tangerine.

Returning to your eyes, we have another suggestion for you, given the fact that you are preparing a wedding makeup, and as a result you have to come up with something really special. Besides the glossy eyelids, you could go for a cat eye effect. This means that you shall use a black eyeliner pencil and you will have to insist from the inner and up to the outer corner of the eyelids, where you will have to finish with some beautiful and even wings.

And because you have used this beautiful makeup style, you will have to finish with some beautiful red and glossy lips. It is very simple to obtain them: use your favorite red lipstick and then apply a beautiful lip gloss. This will make your bridal look achieve a modern and glamorous effect that will definitely be appreciated. In case you do not want your lips to feel heavy, use just a red lip gloss and your beautiful bridal look will be complete.