80s makeup styles

We hope that the first suggestion of 80s makeup style seemed really interesting and if you didn’t like our first example, then it means that the future ones will definitely change up your mind. We invite you to try at least one of our suggestions and maybe in the future time you’re going to discover that one of these designs is suitable for you, your features and your personal style.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Our first suggestion is definitely ideal for brunettes with brown or hazel eyes and it isn’t hard to be made at all. So here’s what you have to do when it comes to the eyes: black eyeliner and a dark eyeshade (brown, grey) and play with these as the following lines suggest. Start with applying eyeliner around your eyes in order to contour them pretty well.

The next phase consists in: applying dark shade around your eyes and create an impression of prolonged eyes, because you’re going to continue towards the exterior corner of your face, towards the last thread of the eyebrow. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that you can also add the eyeliner in the exterior corner of your eyes in such a manner that it gives you the impression of cat eyes.

The mascara isn’t that important in this makeup style: apply for a small amount of this product, because the shade is all in this case. When it comes to the rest of the complexion we recommend a blush with a tone of orange (red orange to be more specific) and when it comes to the lipstick try to apply the same nuance.

Our last suggestion up to this moment will definitely please you from every point of view. And why is that? Because it denotes colors and it’s really vivid in the same time. Take the palest makeup foundation you have around you, as well as a light powder and begin spreading it on the entire face surface. The cheeks should be highlighted with the help of a pale rose tone and just add one layer, which should be very thin in the same time….

The eyes are really important in this case as you’re going to observe immediately. Take a spicy and matte eye shade and apply it only on the upper eyelid up to the eyebrows. The next step consists in using a thin line of eyeliner on this later of eye color. On the inferior eyelid you can apply for a blue tone that will be in contrast with the color used on the upper eyelid. Quite an interesting combination of elements, don’t you think so?

As for the lips we suggest you to match the color used on the eyelids with that used on the lips and create a really nice visual impression