Dramatic eyes makeup – animal print

Indeed makeup is an art and we hope that you’ve noticed this thing from all the topics presented up to this moment, because it needs time to be realized and in the same time you need precision, if you know how to realize it you’re going to end up with a great looking result that will definitely please you.

Who said that you can wear animal print only in your pieces of clothing? Well, it’s so wrong! You can add for a touch of animal print in the makeup that you’re applying for. We start with a great looking makeup style that needs a lot of imagination and patience and we’re sure that you’re going to be really glad when you start applying this makeup on your eyes: it makes you play with your hands and not only!
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So, let’s start with the basics: you need a very natural tone of makeup foundation and for the cheeks there’s needed a shade that has at the basis an orange tone. For the eyes we recommend you to use a light brown and shimmering eye shade or even a gold one! One of these will definitely confer you a great looking makeup style.

The next step is to take really moisturized black eyeliner that you know for sure it isn’t going to spread…. Take it and begin adding circles on the superior eyelid here and there play with these tiny circles and think that your eyelids are the skin of a leopard. Finish with tracing a long line on the superior eyelid and also with adding extra layers of mascara. You can apply for a golden tone of such eye color and apply it on the inferior eyelid as well. This will create an amazing visual effect, you can be sure of this thing.

As for the lips we recommend you to apply for a gold tone, which isn’t shimmering and that goes towards a natural tone, because a darker shade won’t advantage your teeth at all.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about our examples concerning the dramatic eyes makeup, because this pushes us to share with you more and more suggestions in the hope of hoping you pretty much!

As you can observe, the dramatic eye makeup style involves every time the usage of the black eyeliner and also of dark eye shades. You can use these examples and create some other ones with the help of your imagination. This won’t be a bad thing at all, because after all you’re creating a piece of art yourself, isn’t that right?