Haute couture makeup 2

We continue our examples of haute couture makeup with some other interesting examples that will definitely seem interesting to you and maybe you have already used them every time you felt like you need to be different from the others.

So, there’s also the variant in which the cat eyes makeup is a part of haute couture. How exactly is it in this way? Well you can apply for using the eyeliner in an excessive mode, with extra layers and in different modes. There’s the aerodynamic style in which you extend your eyes pretty much and you go over the finishing line of the brows. It’s an interesting effect and we bet that you would be happy to apply for it, at least once in your life time.

Another interesting way of making the cat eye impression is also with extra layers of eyeliner which is combined with dark eye shadow and the effect is amazing. You can also try to use the eyeliner on the inferior eye lid and you can be sure that you’re going to look pretty nice.
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You can also be captivating with the help of a gold eye shadow used around your eyes. Use it on the inferior and superior eyelids as well and you’re going to look pretty nice with that sexy touch that we all want to have every time we want to attract someone’s attention.

A fresh look will always be successful! In what cases? Well, in those in which you use pink blush in your cheeks, a very fresh one and you blend it perfectly with a lipstick that offers the impression of really fresh lips and sexy in the same time. You’re going to look like a painted doll, but you’re a human being!

Let’s not forget about the dramatic eyes. These can create a really nice visual impression and they are definitely a part of haute couture makeup styles. You can apply for mixing several dark tones of eye shadows and blend these perfectly on your eyes and obtain a nice effect. Intensify your eyes with the help of eyeliner add an extra touch with the help of the brows painted and maybe a touch of blush in your cheeks.

There are some other styles in which there are combined several bright colors with different motifs painted on the face and so, the effect is dazzling. Be sure that you’re going to look like a model on the cat floor if you want to apply for one of these makeup styles and in the same time these aren’t that hard to realize, you only have to listen to our pieces of advice.