Extravagant make-up

We present to you a look, which is rather extravagant and we recommend it for the ladies that want to underline their personality from the ordinary. It is indeed a make-up that you can’t apply for while you’re at school or in the daytime, it’s rather a make-up you would use one night in the club or while you’re out drinking a beer with your friends in a pub. If you apply a kinky hairdo it will fit you like a glove…..

We start with the face. We said many times that you should apply for natural nuances for the make-up foundation and it should remain in this way. You may apply a natural nuance as basic: just make sure that it is shiny a little bit. On the cheeks also apply fresh nuances, which are shiny too.

You can apply for a stick blush for the cheeks and for the internal parts of the face we recommend a highlighter, which will make your face look shiny and extravagant in the same time.

This topic may come as a contrasting one, compared with the others. Indeed, it may sound in this way, but certainly you want to hear variations of models of make-up and take only what suits you from here! O.k, the next step regards the eyes, of course! For starters take black eyeliner that can be applied with the help of a brush! It is resistant in comparison with the others! Apply it on the down eyelids, near the eyelashes area.

The nest step is to take a pair of face eyelashes. Put them and wait for the indications regarding the next steps regarding the eye make-up. Take a liquid eye color, really shimmering and apply it on the upper eye lids. Combine colors that go really great together! Play with your imagination and see what you obtain…. The basic idea for this make-up is that it’s really shiny and it has an aspect similar to the satin fabric!

End by putting a touch of black mascara! You’ll simply look great and be prepared to go out with the girls. This kind of make-up is perfect for the rebel type of girls and will be always perfect for them! Your eyes will be perfectly highlighted and you’ll certainly look great!

The next step regards the lips. We recommend using a faded nuance, shimmering in the same time. And why is that? Because you already highlighted too much your eyes and it will be too much if you highlight your lips too. Apply for nude beige or a pink beige, or a really transparent gloss that makes your lips shine and have a touch of freshness.

We’ve presented you have to realize this type of make-up step by step and we also suggested some products. Hope we could help you! Good luck in highlighting your beauty!