Makeup fall trends 3

Besides the makeup styles that we’ve suggested up to this moment there are some others that need to be mentioned and we’re certain that you’re going to enjoy reading about these as well. Some of them are taken from the catwalk directly and we know that this sounds pretty interesting….

We start with the first example that focuses all the attention on the lips, so we can draw a conclusion from the articles presented up to this moment and that concerned makeup styles: these are involve highlighting both the lips and the eyes, there are also some other styles that involve the usage of products in order to highlight only the eyes or only the lips.

In this case, as we mentioned previously all the focus is placed on the lips! So, the eyes have a faded tone of eye shadow, which is placed only on the superior eyelids and underneath the arcade. Also, on the inferior eyelid there’s a white crayon used in order to emphasize just how big your eyes are. Indeed, an interesting combination of details which we’re sure seems indeed something new to you. You can add a little bit of mascara on the superior eyelashes and that’s that! the lips are highlighted with a spicy tone of red, a warm red in matte tone and that highlights your lips in an interesting manner as well.
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here’s another interesting combination of details which we’re sure you’re going to enjoy pretty much as well. so, there’s the usage of a big amount of mascara on the superior and on the inferior eyelashes as well and you’re going to observe just how gorgeous your eyes are going to pop out of the complexion. Use a dark tone of eye shadow around your eyes and underneath the arcade apply for using a faded tone of purple and you’re going to see exactly why.

The lips are highlighted with the help of a gloss in purple tone and it is in perfect coordination with the tone of the eye color that we’ve just mentioned about. This is an interesting combination of details and we’re certain that you’re going to end up with a gorgeous looking makeup.

Of course, you’re not going to have such eyelashes, like the ones in the pictures, it’s actually really hard to obtain them but nothing is impossible nowadays: use a really effective mascara or simple a pair of thick eyelashes. Indeed, it’s an interesting combination of details and we’re certain that this type of makeup style will definitely seem useful to you or a good option to apply for in the future when you intend on going to a special event.