Smoky eyes VS pink bridal makeup

We are all different and as a result we desire different things for the bridal makeup. So, we have decided to write about two different styles of makeup, so that two different brides would find the help they need. The styles that we are about to approach, are: smoky eyes and fresh pink makeup. Thus, both the rebellious and bold bride and the more nice and calm one will know what to do for their big day.
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Smokey eyes in a new, modern and spectacular approach, remember about the times when rock music was very let’s say “fashionable”, and when the groupies did not miss a show. Even if you love rock music, or maybe you desire just to get an intense makeup, something like this will help the powerful bride to reveal her personality. This something she really needs in order to feel comfortable and beautiful.

Smoky eyes VS pink bridal makeupCredit
Smoky eyes VS pink bridal makeup

The black shadow effect, stretched carefully under the eyes, is enhanced by the abundant glitter of the upper eyelid. You can use a shimmer eye shadow, or you could just apply a mat one, over which some glimpses of glitter could be added.

Apply false eyelashes, use a lot of mascara and shed your cheeks in a bright blush. For the overall effect not to be exaggerated, let your lips almost “clean”: a shiny gloss would do.


Keep the ’80 line, with that bangs to one side, but style it pretty, so that you get an elaborate bridal hairstyle.


The pink makeup is very fresh, but not dull. You must focus on your lips: apply a pink lipstick and then use a glitter displaying the same color for maximum volume effect. Thus, if you really love your lips on your wedding day everybody will notice them.

Add a vivid touch to your bridal look with a shimmer blush and for the eyelids use a simple transparent eye shadow. Instead, your eyelashes must be very long and curved, so that your eyes would be very deep and intense.

Smoky eyes VS pink bridal makeupCredit
Smoky eyes VS pink bridal makeup

Shape your eyebrows with a pencil in the same tune with their natural hue. They were a very important detail in the ’80s and they have regained importance and depth this season.

Hairstyle trick:

have a tail to one side, easy teased and this will give you the air of a nice and good girl.

Now, my dear brides apply the makeup that would suit you better so that your wedding appearance would be really glamorous and sensational.