Interesting makeup styles

Knowing that you enjoyed mostly of our topics that concerned makeup styles we continue in this manner and present several others in order to have where to choose from. As you can see these aren’t hard to realize at all and we hope that you appreciate our effort to present you most of these designs. And please don’t forget: makeup is art!
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We start with a makeup style that would definitely be appropriate for green eyes. Indeed, if you choose similar color tones then you won’t obtain a bad result. So here’s what you have to do: take an orange eye shade in a matte tone as well as a golden tone that will definitely blend with this one and as a final touch take the black eyeliner and the result will be exquisite.

Don’t worry because we have all the information needed here on you to realize these and let’s also not forget about the fact that you will become and expert when it comes to making yourself look gorgeous. Take the orange matte eye shade and begin applying it on the inferior eyelid, also you may need a white crayon as well in order to focus all the attention on the eyes.

On the superior eyelid you can apply for using this orange eye shade entirely up to the arcade area and we mentioned something about a gold tone. Well, use this gold eye shade in the internal corner of your eyes and on the arcades next to the eyebrows. This will bring an interesting visual effect and be sure that you’re going to be absolutely enchanted when it comes to the results.

Our last suggestion up to this moment involves using vibrant tones of yellow and we totally recommend it for eye colors. So, take the matte (it definitely needs to be matte) eye color and begin spreading it with a brush around your eyes: on the inferior and superior eyelid as well.

You can use also a white eye shade that can be applied in the internal corner of your eyes and on the arcade as well. The white tone will definitely help you center all the attention towards your beautiful eyes and the interesting eye shadow that we’ve just recommended you to use.

But this isn’t all! Take black eyeliner and add a small line in the external corner of your eye on the superior eyelid. This will bring extra effect to your look and be certain that everybody is going to be amazed by how you succeeded to combine all these elements.

You can take some glitter as well and begin applying it on the area where you added eyeliner. This is another interesting element as well. Also, let’s mention that the mascara is important as well. Add extra layers on the superior eye lashes and on the inferior ones don’t add such a big quantity