Trendy eye makeup

When it comes to makeup we’ve suggested different looks for this spring season, but it seems that it’s never enough when it comes to this section and that’s why we’re back and hoping that you pay extreme attention in order to know what’s in trend this spring-summer season and how you should exactly look like.

So, let’s start with mentioning the fact that you need to hydrate your complexion firstly. We know that it’s kind of hard to do this thing in this exact period, but we’ve offered so many examples of products that can do this and you should take them in consideration in order to obtain a great looking makeup. This being said, we’re going to focus only that part concerning the eye makeup, because we know that this part is adored by most of you.

We browsed and searched for interesting ways of expressing good looks through makeup and here’s what we’ve obtained. Firstly try to highlight your eyes pretty much through the usage of vivid eye colors. Such a vivid color is lilac! And we’re going to suggest step by step how you could realize a great looking eye makeup with the lilac tone.

Start with covering your dark eye circles with the help of a concealer and let’s also mention that you needn’t any shades or unpleasant things like that…. the first step is to find a great looking and shimmering eye color that looks a little watery too! Apply it on the surface of your upper eyelids as much as you can.

The next thing is to put some black eyeliner, with a really thin line on the superior eyelid in order to create the impression of really big eyes. This impression can be continued with using another eye color on the down side eye lids and you can apply for a color that is similar to this lilac, only darker and colder. You should really try this type of eye makeup, it’s really interesting looking!

Besides the variant with the lilac we’ve mentioned up to this moment, you can apply for a rainbow as eye makeup. Seriously, you can really do this thing because it’s really in trend! For instance, you can apply for putting eyeliner all around your eyes and on the basis of that tone you can apply some related eye colors and you’ll receive an exact example in the lines to come….

If you decide to apply all around your eyes blue eyeliner then you can apply for blue eye color, or green or even yellow or any other color you think that it’s suitable. You can create a wonderful pastel with the help of eye colors and not on a piece of paper, but on your eyes! This is a really modern way in which make-up is expressed and we believe that you can realize a really great looking effect and believe us that it’s really great looking with a pair of spicy colored lips!

If you don’t like the idea of so many colors then you definitely can apply for a warm tone and use a black eyeliner and mascara on the upper eyelashes. You can use a golden, light brown eye color with shimmering ingredients and you can be sure that the effect is marvelous!