Makeup tips for brunettes

We continue with our makeup tips that concern choosing your makeup colors accordingly to your hair color and your eye color as well. We hope that the pieces of advice suggested up to this moment were useful and maybe you’re going to apply for these in the future. Keep in mind that these are really useful and maybe they will serve to you….

The next makeup tips that we offer to you refer to warm brunettes with brown eyes and with tanned skin. Well, in this case you can apply for a really flashy look with shiny skin and great looking in the same time. Apply for using a warm tone of eye shadow around your eyes and make it shimmering in the same time.

Also, you can apply for using a darker shade of eye shadow underneath the arcade and obtain a great looking blend of colors. Use a darker shade on the inferior eye lids exactly in the external corner and this will simply make your eyes pop out! Finish with adding extra layers of mascara on the superior eye lashes and on the inferior ones as well.
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We finish with offering you some hints concerning the lips and combining them with the eye makeup. Well, we suggest you to apply for shiny lips in a red tone or even in a pink one. This will offer you sensuality and you can be sure that you’re sexy and great looking.

There’s also the look in which you have to look cool and great looking. Well, this type is also recommended for the brunettes with the black eyes or brown eyes. We recommend a mixture of pink tones with orange and this will definitely make you look gorgeous.

Start with applying that orange tone of eye shadow on the superior eye lid, exactly on the entire surface. Underneath the eye brows feel free to use a really pale tone of orange, or maybe yellow in order to highlight your eyes better. Start with applying the pink eye shade as well and this is indeed a nice blending of elements.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is that your eyes are going to pop out even more if you apply for using false eye lashes. This is indeed a nice combination of elements and we’re sure that you’re going to look pretty nice with it on, make a call and go with the girls in town.

The next thing that we want to mention about concerns the lips, which shouldn’t be omitted as well! Use a pink tone of lipstick on them, maybe a spicier looking lip stick and this will bring you an extra touch of sensuality. Make sure that the lipstick isn’t that luscious and that it is matte.