Vanity makeup tables

We guess you’re bored of staying in the bathroom and realizing your makeup, or even in front of a round and big makeup mirror. Well, every girl’s dream is to have a vanity makeup table, similar to those seen in the movies and let’s recognize this fact! You just imagine yourself staying in front of that mirror and on the chair and doing whatever you like with your complexion.
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In order to make your dream more intense we have here some suggestions of vanity makeup tables and maybe you decide on one model and order it immediately after you’ve read our topic.

Our first suggestion is really shiny and watery, creating a nice visual effect in the room. The table is made of shiny metallic material and it has only one drawer. Next to this table there’s another piece of furniture that goes at the level of the table with three other drawers in it. Going back to the table, it is really refined and it has enough free space on it.

The mirror is detached from the rest of the table and it has on top of it the lightning elements, about four bulbs but you can apply for more if these don’t seem enough. The chair is another basic element when it comes to these types of tables, in this case is made from transparent material in order to leave the same impression as in the rest of the elements.

Here’s another vanity makeup table with a classical touch, but let’s recognize that this is the stereotypical image when it comes to this style of furniture. There’s a simple table covered with a nice looking table cover. This table has enough space on it in order to place all the narcissistic elements you wish.

The mirror is another thing: it is round and it has nice details in the margin, it’s not that big, but it permits you to realize your makeup and admire your beautiful features in it.

The chair is in tone with the rest of the elements and it has nice curves on it and in order for you to feel comfortable in it; you can place a nice looking pillow there and you’ll see that you’ll be happy every day with this piece of furniture in your house.

We continue with a minimalist vanity makeup table. This one is made of dark wood and it is tall in order to be at the same level as the superior side of your body. The mirror is really big and it has brown wooden margins, the table is tall and it is made entirely of the same color and material as the one mentioned above. It has only one drawer, but you should believe us that you’re going to have enough space for all your cosmetics and accessories on the table and in the drawer.

The chair is also divine looking, made in the same color and fabric and it has a white pillow, made from leather probably. The chair doesn’t have a back side and this is what makes the chair maybe a little bit uncomfortable.