Choosing the right shade of blush

When it comes to choosing the right shade of blush, things aren’t difficult at all after you read our review. In fact, things are pretty easy and we’re sure that you’re going to end up with a great looking makeup style!

So, we’ve thought you several times that the blush should be in coordination with the color you apply on your lips and this is a rule that you must definitely listen too. In case you apply for an extravagant makeup style and you’ve used a pink caramel on your lips, you should try to use the same tone in the apples of your cheeks too, although we recommend a lighter tone than normally.
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Oh, and speaking of how you should apply the blush. Well, it’s not hard at all! In most cases, you have to take the brush and apply the blush in your cheek bones, exactly on the apples of your cheeks to be more specific.

We’ve mentioned how to apply it. Now, it’s time to say with what exact product you have to spread the blush in your cheekbones: use the puffiest brush you’ve ever had in your makeup case and it won’t be any problem, because it will help you look marvelous.

Let’s talk about some other usages of the blush, shall we? In this case we’re speaking about red haired or those that have a really warm color in their hair. We recommend them to use an orange tone of blush that goes in perfect coordination with the color of the hair and the pink pale tone of the lips. Quite an interesting look, don’t you think so?

In case you’ve decided to highlight your eyes pretty much and you’ve done it through the usage of the eye makeup, then we’ve got just the right solution for you! Use darker shades of blush like brown or mauve and a really bright tone on your lips, like a shiny pink pale. This is an exquisite combination and we’re sure that you won’t be disappointed of it.

Combining blush tones is a great idea and it offers you an extra shine! Use firstly a pink tone of blush and then apply for a brown tone over it. The effect is dazzling and you simply can’t fail with it.

When you’re bronzed and you want to highlight this fact through the usage of the blush, well this won’t be a problem. So, you can apply for using a gold tone on your lips and a gold one or light brown in the apples of your cheeks. The effect is breathtaking and you can be sure that you’re going to look absolutely great.

A light pink blush tone is always successful as it highlights a very natural side of you and it offers you a really great look. We’re sure that you won’t fail with it!

A purple undertone applied in your cheeks offers you the aspect of a teenager and you won’t ever show your real age if you’re wearing these in your cheeks.