Makeup hints for different eye shapes

Sometimes applying some colors on your eyes isn’t enough! You have to take into consideration what type of shape your eyes have in order to know where exactly to use the eye shade and what color to use.

We start with prominent eyes. Well, not everybody has them, but those that are gifted with such eyes they can apply only for some shimmering eyeshade around them and you’re going to see just how fast are your eyes going to pop out of the complexion. Let’s not forget also about the mascara because it’s really important as well!

Wide set-eyes are gorgeous and there are many people that can’t notice if theirs are or not in this way. Well, look attentively in the mirror and see if these are separated pretty much from the nose and in this case don’t worry because we’ve got just the right tips for you in order to look great! What can be done in this case? Well, you have to wing out with the makeup and add some shades in the exterior corners of your eyes and you’re going to see just how great are these going to pup out of your complexion.
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There’s also another way in which you can highlight your wide-set eyes! You need some black eyeliner and eyeshades in a similar tone. Make sure that in the interior corner you apply a thin layer of such product. In the exterior corner you have to definitely use these makeup products on a bigger surface and use plenty of it. Also, in the interior corner you have to make sure that there isn’t a big amount of dark makeup product. Also, you can blend this eye shade with a lighter one in tone and the visual effect is guaranteed! You can be sure that you’re going to look great with it on you.

The almond shaped eyes have their special look and we’re sure that you already have a hunch and that you definitely know this particular eye shape. In this case you have to make sure that you use the makeup products on the outer exterior of your eyes and highlight them in a pleasant way. The inner corner of the eye should remain as bare as possible, because this will highlight your eyes better and you can be sure that the effect is guaranteed.

So, we’ve presented some makeup hints for different eye shapes in this review and we’re sure that you can’t wait for the other ones in the future articles. Well, be sure that you’re going to receive these!