Crazy eye makeup 2

You’re makeup can be crazy if you use contrasting color tones or a petite element that differs your person from the others. And we shouldn’t mention that we’re continuing with the topic concerning the crazy eye makeup, should we? In the lines to come you’re going to read about some other suggestions that will make you look different from the others.

We start with a suggestion that concerns a celebrity and we’re talking about Katy Perry, because you know that she always adopt a different look from that of the others. In this particular picture her makeup is characterized through the usage of contrasting colors, like green and orange.

Let’s start with the eyes and mention that the green tone that she uses as eye color looks pretty great and it creates a nice visual effect. You just can observe how this eye color is applied on the entire superior eyelid and it continues towards the arcade in a lighter tone. Over this eye color spread all over her superior eyelids she has a black trace of eyeliner that makes her look pretty nice and her eyes are definitely highlighted.

We continue with her lips: she uses a red-orange lipstick, matte and not that shiny! It looks fabulous and in combination with that green tone it’s really exquisite. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that she has a vague pink color in her cheeks added with a light blush. An important thing also, is the illuminator product, if applied on the middle side of your complexion it will offer you another look- the same effect is applied to this celebrity.

The next crazy eye makeup that we’re going to mention about is the most easy to be realized from all of the models we presented up to this moment. We’re talking about Amy Winehouse’s kooky makeup with those thick lines on her eyes, which look pretty great on her- it’s her own personal style and it seems to advantage her perfectly.

You know all that stuff that concerns applying makeup foundation and stuff like that, well, we won’t insist too much! Don’t forget also about the shades in your cheeks and the next thing we want to jump to, are the eyes directly. You can apply for liquid eyeliner, because you can rely on one of these- these are resistant- and begin making lines on both of your eyes. Also, you can adopt for a thicker line than usual, in order to obtain this look and if you really want to, you can make really thick lines- as hers. Before applying this thick black line you can apply for adding a more transparent eye color in order to fix the black better.