Play with colors and obtain a crazy makeup

As mentioned before crazy makeup can be considered an art and if you know how to realize it, you can end up with a masterpiece. Throughout the time we’ve suggested several examples of such makeup styles and we think that you have to try to make them at least for having fun and to take some elements in order to highlight your beautiful features.
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We start with suggesting you a glittery makeup; and why do we call it in this way? Maybe probably because it is composed entirely of glitter.

You already know that you can start with applying makeup foundation, concealer and all these stuff. Continue with the eyes with adding a great amount of glitter on your eyelids, towards the exterior corner of the eye. You can also apply for sticking shiny tips here and there on the line of the eyebrow and only one on the internal side of the eye. Indeed an interesting work of art and maybe you’re going to apply for it in the future time.

The lips can look also weird and great in the same time. If you add concealer on your lips the lipstick will be fixed better and you can play as much as you want with colors. You can apply for a really spicy colored lipstick and in the interior side of the lips you can add a golden tone of eye color or even lip gloss if you can find one.

You can also apply for a makeup that can be a little freaky. For instance, you can add the lightest color of makeup foundation that exists on the market in order to confer you the impression as if you’re made of porcelain. Also, start playing with colors around your eyes: add green and yellow matte tones around your eyes and blue too and finish with adding mascara.

The lips mustn’t be omitted too, because you have to add a golden tone on these and we’re sure that if you mix a lip gloss with gold eye color, you’re going to end up looking just fine.

The main idea is to play with colors and make sure that these are matte or shimmering in order to obtain a nice visual effect. The only thing is to know how to blend your ideas and you’re going to see that it isn’t that difficult to create an outrageous makeup. Also, you can apply for it in a special party or when you attend a special event: it’s not hard at all you know?!