Black women makeup 3

We know that you enjoyed the topic concerning the black women makeup and that’s why we decided to continue with it and share some other examples in order for you to know how to change your physical aspect every now and then.

We highlighted the fact that the makeup foundation is very important, not only for you, but for all women- it protects you from the sometimes “evil” sun rays and also it makes your face more compact. The illuminator is very important to be used in your case, because it focuses all the attention towards your beautiful eyes and lips….

This time we commence with a natural look. Start with the complexion as we recommended and then jump to the eyes, you can highlighted them very simply with a rose tone around your eyes or a black tone towards the exterior corners. End with a slight touch of mascara in the exterior corners in order to create a pleasant illusion.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
The lips shouldn’t be forgotten either…. These can be highlighted with the help of a rich and shimmering lip gloss, make sure that you spread this liquid all around your lips’ surface and this will give you a sensual and exotic touch in the same time. It’s simple, yet sexy in the same time as you can observe.

From the natural tone we jump directly to a more “gothic” style if it can be named in this way. We recommend a makeup foundation that makes your face shine a little bit. As for the eyes we recommend a brown eye color that can be added underneath the arcades and a touch of pencil eyeliner in the interior eyelids. Finish with adding extra layers of mascara.

The lips are highlighted with the help of a black lip gloss or lipstick, the main idea is to make them shine and give them the aspect of creamy chocolate. This color will definitely make your teeth whiter and will offer you a special touch in the same time. If you can’t find a black lipstick, we recommend a dark red, the color of the blood and the same effect will definitely obtained.

We end our suggestions of makeup for black women with another style that will definitely please you. This time we suggest you to blend black and blue on the eyes and the result will be scrumptious. Start with adding a blue shade on the upper eyelid and finishing underneath the arcade, where you can apply for beige that will be more effective for your skin color. The next step is to take a black eyeliner or eye shade and begin adding it towards your eyelashes. Add a beige tone on the inferior eyelids too in order to make these look great.

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that for the lips you can apply for a coffee with milk tone that can be in a shimmering tone and this will make the image complete…. Quite great looking, don’t you think so?