80s inspired look

In these days as you could observe with your own eyes there’s a tendency to go back in time, not only through the clothing stuff but also with some elements from the makeup styles. And this is how we thought of this topic, which is quite interesting in the same time, and it speaks about the 80s inspired makeup for which you may easily apply for when you decide to go out with the girls or something like that.

We start with a really colored makeup style, which is of course 8s inspired! If you’re a person that is into the very colored eye shades used in makeup then this means that this particular topic will definitely please you. So, this particular model would be ideal for brown or hazel eyes and if you’re a brunette then it means that it will fit your aspect like a glove.

Try using vibrant tones of yellow and green and take black eyeliner as well. So, start applying yellow on the entire surface of your upper eyelid up to the line of the eyebrows, try applying it in the interior corner of your eyes too.
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The next step consists in taking the green eye shade and applying it in the exterior corner of your eyes just under the arcade area. This will create a nice visual effect, you can be sure of that! On the lower eyelid apply for using the black eyeliner that we’ve just mentioned above in some lines ago, or for a brown tone that can be applied on the line of the inferior eyelashes, towards the exterior corner of your eyes. The final touch consists in applying mascara on your beautiful eyelashes and conferring them volume. We won’t finish here, because there are some other things that need to be mentioned and this concerns the rest of your complexion’s makeup.

In order to be 80s totally, we recommend you to use some contrasting tones on the rest of your face, like pink, but not any pink tone, but a really spicy one! Take a pink eye blush and begin applying it in the apple of your cheeks. Pay extreme attention to the tone that you’ve chosen to use in your cheekbones, because the lipstick has to have a similar tone if not, identical and you’re going to see just how great you’re going to end up looking.

Another hint that we would want to offer to you concerns the nails and the nail polish. In order to obtain a 80s look you can use different colored nail polishes that can differ from a nail to another and maybe you’re thinking of matching them with the colors used on your complexion.