Makeup based on eyeliner – casua style and bold eyes

Here’s how we continue our suggestions of makeup based on eyeliner. We hope that you enjoy these examples as well and also we know that these are going to be effective in your daily makeup experience. With the usage of a simple eyeliner you can realize a makeup style that is appropriate for going to school, to work, to a party or out with the girls. The occasions you can attend are numerous; it’s just a matter of knowing to use your eyeliner….

You can attend a normal meeting or go to work only with a classical makeup and you know this perfectly well. In fact, this won’t be a hard thing to do with the eyeliner near you. If you have brown eyes you can apply for black eyeliner, green eyes need green eyeliner or a brown one and blue brown eyeliner or even black.

The amount is as important as the color: don’t involve a big quantity of eyeliner around your eyes; use it on the inferior eyelid in the interior side, close your eyes for a moment in order for it to spread on the superior eyelid as well and you continue with a thin line in the exterior corner as well in order to give the impression of subtle cat eye look. In this case, we suggest you to use the contour kohl, it’s easier to use and most of all if you’re on the run….
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Let’s mention that in order to obtain a nice look, a cute one and ready to go to work you definitely don’t need extra layers of mascara, one layer is enough to highlight your eyes.

How do you make your eyes pop with the help of your eyeliner? Well, this isn’t a hard thing at all: take the eyeliner and begin applying a line on the inferior eyelid and on the superior one as well, making sure that you catch exactly the imaginary line created by the eyelashes. The next thing that you can do is to take powder eyeliner, if you have one and begin spreading it on the same line as the one created by the kohl.

The interior side of the eyelid shouldn’t be “affected” by the eyeliner; this will bring extra effect to your eyes. Another thing that we need to mention is the fact that you can continue with this line on the exterior corner of your eyes in order to offer the impression of a prolonged eye and also let’s mention that you can add also some black eye shade in order to make your eyes bolder.

As you can observe it isn’t hard to blend all these elements and these have at the basis only a singular element, which is the black eyeliner. In order to offer the impression of extra highlighted eyes you can apply for extra layers of mascara on your eyelashes and make your eyes look stunning!