Green eyes makeup

Green eyes are as great as color as the other ones, but they look greater if you know to apply makeup and how to use it in what exact corners of the eyes. In this topic you’re going to find out just how you’re able to realize a great looking makeup for your beautiful green eyes and make them look greater!

We start with suggesting the dramatic style. So you should take black eyeliner and start contouring your eyes all around in order to make them look great. Take some white and shiny eye color and apply a little bit in the interior corner of the eye.

The next thing is to apply a shade underneath the lower and upper eyelashes; you can apply for beige in the arcade area. Also you can apply that light tone just above the arcade or on the arcade in order to make your eyes look brighter and bigger. The final step consists of applying mascara and you’ll see that the effect is guaranteed!

This one is very easy to realize so pay attention and maybe in the future time you’ll know just how to do it! So here’s the idea” take some brown eye color and apply it underneath the arcade area and a lighter eye color tone with shimmering aspect in the interior corner of the eye!

Take the liquid eyeliner and trace a smooth line in the exterior corner of your eyes. The final step consists of applying a green pencil trace on the lower eye lids. Finish with adding extra layers of mascara. The effect? Stunning!

Here’s a method that we’ve seen often used: take two different tones of green, one darker and one lighter. This is the basic step. Begin applying the darker green all around your eyes and draw a line in the interior side of your inferior eyelid also. Then take the other tone and begin putting a lighter tone of green just next to this one…. The last step is to apply mascara in dark tone, maybe brown not a very harsh black or even a green tone, if you like the idea!

Here’s another interesting model of makeup for green eyes: take gray pencil eyeliner and begin spreading it around your eyes. Spread it a little bit on the eyelids with the help of a little sponge. Use also a similar tone of eye color and apply it underneath the arcade area and end up with applying a great amount of mascara. You’ll definitely focus all the attention around your eyes and this is a great thing!

The last model of makeup will definitely please your eye! Take a turquoise nuance of eyeliner and a brown one. Begin spreading the nice looking color on the entire surface of the upper eyelid and the arcades too- you may use also a white tone for that area and the next step is to apply the brown tone of eye color somewhere at the basis of the eyelashes of the superior eyelid.

We recommend matte colors for this type of makeup and black mascara too! If you listen to our piece of advice then you’ll definitely make your green eyes look great!