Makeup hints for brown eyes

Some days ago we were presenting you some great looking models of brown eyes makeup. Well, we would like to continue our list of makeup hints for brown eyes. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our first article concerning this topic and maybe you apply for the ideas presented there and the ones presented here as well.

So, we start with our first suggestion: take a matte apricot colored eye shade and se also a brown eyeliner. Apply that eyeshade on the superior eyelid and trace a thin line with the help of that eyeliner. Finish with adding a small amount of mascara on your eyelashes.

The effect will definitely be great looking, be sure of that! The lips can be really important when it comes to highlighting eyes, in this case we recommend you to use a natural tone, nude lip gloss or even a lip balm. The effect will definitely be guaranteed.
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Sometimes the colors that you use as eyeshades can bring out the other color from your brown eyes. This makeup style for brown eyes is composed of shimmering eyeshades. Also, we recommend you to use these ones only in special occasions…. For instance you can try using shimmering eye colors in other colors than you use ordinarily: purple, blue, and mauve, pink. See what effect you like the most.

You can blend two such eye shades with black eyeliner in the external corner of your eyes and we’re sure that you’re going to look scrumptious. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that you can use mascara in order to focus all the attention on the nice color of your eyes. The lips should be shimmering as well and you can try café latte nuances or peach, it depends on your personal taste and what color you’ve used on your eyes.

You can also apply for using a green or gold tone on your eyes in order to bring the green color to life. There are some girls that have brown eyes with a touch of green and if you use colors like these, you’re definitely going to bring out only the nice color in them. Apply for using shimmering or matte eyeshades together with eyeliners and see what effect suits you the most.

We’re sure that you’re going to be enchanted about all these hints that we’ve offered to you and if you have brown eyes, you can be certain that from now on you’re going to know exactly for what type of eye makeup you should apply for.