Mineral cosmetics 2

Our examples of mineral makeup products didn’t seem enough and that’s why we decided to continue this topic with some other great examples that will certainly enchant you in order to create a great looking makeup, that has natural ingredients at the basis!
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The first mineral product we want to talk about is a powder foundation, which will make your complexion look brighter and will eliminate aging signs. This one has some pigments that will cover your lines and pores immediately; your skin will look brighter, softer and revived for more than a couple of hours. It’s free of oil, talk and it definitely doesn’t have any fragrance, so you have all the reasons for buying it.

This next powder is designed especially for your skin to look amazing and bronzed in the same time. It has mineral ingredients at the basis and the effect of this product’s usage is a great looking tan, almost natural looking.

This tanning powder can be found in a small format, in a case with a special brush and also be sure that it won’t spread (the powder) in your purse or something like that!

Next on the list are some eye and cheek powders that have mineral ingredients too. we’re going to speak about each one in particular and we’re going to start with the eye powders: these have the gem stone complex that make the colors look in an intense way, also you can say bye to wrinkles as long as you apply this product on your complexion. Also, you can wear this eye color all day long without facing any problems, because it has a long resistance period and it’s water resistant too! Every color you use has anti-aging features and it benefits of a really great looking finish.

The next products we want to speak about are is the mineral cheek powder that has a really nice formula and it can be used in a very refined way with anti-aging benefits. The color is really resistant; it will last all day long. This one has also the gem stone propriety that will confer and reflect light in order to confer a really great looking aspect and get rid of imperfections and stuff like that!

The next mineral product on the list is amazing mascara that will certainly take care of your lashes and also will confer these, ultra volume and a special look. Besides these aspects this product will give also extra length and this is a great thing, because after all, that’s what you expect from a mascara, in general, and let’s not forget the fact that this one is mineral too, which is a big plus.

Let’s see what exactly this product contains: Jojoba oil extracts, and Acacia Senegal; this mascara is fragrance and paraben free and also it’s safe to be used even if you’re a person with really sensitive skin.