Red haired brides makeup

Red haired brides have to avoid tones of pink and blue and maintain the colors that they use as neuter as possible when it comes to the eye makeup. In this way they’re not going to diminish their beauty and the contrast between the skin color and that of the hair.

A red haired bride would be ideal to opt for an extravagant hairstyle and bring minimum of makeup when it comes to the makeup that she applies for in the wedding day. With an appropriate wedding dress and a special hairstyle, an extravagant makeup would be too much.

Tones of light brown, purple and pink champagne are vibrating colors that red haired women can use with confidence and without fearing of the impact that these could have over the skin. Here are some tricks that you have to take into account when it comes to the bridal makeup.
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First of all…. Do you want, as a bride to have porcelain skin? In this case you have to apply for a neuter tone for the makeup foundation, similar to your natural skin tone. You can use colors like gold or coral for a plus of elegance.

The perfect blush!

For an ideal blush it would ne appropriate to apply for light colors and as discrete as possible. Opt for coral and cream in order to emphasize your cheeks. The more you keep the skin tone natural, the more you’re going to have a powerful contrast with the hair color.

Total discretion.

As we were telling you some lines before, it would be perfect if you would opt for an eye makeup in neuter tones. A dark makeup style is going to offer your face a rough expression or it can get you look older.

Tones like the color of honey, beige, nuts or light purple can be chosen for a discrete makeup of the eyes. If you want to use a lighter tone on the lid, choose warm tones for the arcade and in the interior of the eyes.

Eyelashes that create the impression of effect….

The eyeliner and the mascara have to have the same color for having the wanted impact in the case of the makeup of a red haired bride. You can opt for a tone of brown red or dark brown.

Here’s a trick: your eyes are going to be visible if in the interior of the lid you’re going to trace a thin line of eyeliner.

Hollywood lips.

Did you know the secret of perfect lips like red haired women like Nicole Kidman or Cate Blanchet? A lipstick in light tones like cinnamon, peach or pink champagne….

If it seems that a light lipstick is going to make you seem pale, you can opt for warm tones of brown or rust color.