Powder and liquid make-up foundations

We continue our series of must have make-up products for spring in order for you to make a general idea regarding what should your cosmetic case contain this season….

If the last time we suggested a liquid make-p foundation this time we’ve chose a powder in a case. The case has a mirror, the space in which the powder can be found and also the sponge with which you apply make-up foundation on your face.

When you put the product on your skin you’ll feel a smooth caressing and your complexion will look marvelous under the warm sun rays. Besides the golden aspect the powder confers you a perfectly matte skin, which permits you to use the other make-up products perfectly on your face. The surface of your face will remain fresh for hours and hours and we can permit to say that your face looks perfectly polished.

Did we mention that the sponge applicator has a different compartment? If we didn’t, we do it now and say that the sponge won’t blend with the powder, because it’s underneath it and it will look as the last time you’ve used it.

There are different tones and nuances for this product, so every complexion can get advantage of it: blond, ivory, opal, peach, sand, gold beige, amber, pink beige, amber, cinnamon and honey…. Everybody can use it!

Are you fed up with foundations that are similar to your skin color but look as a mask when you apply them? Are you fed up by the marks left by your fingers on your face? Well, it seems that this product is kind of a solution to all of these problems and you can be sure that you can rely on it perfectly. We’re speaking of this liquid make-up foundation perfectly designed for a tanned skin and which is applied with its own brush.

This cosmetic is named brush foundation and it’s so great that it’s just a pleasure to use it every time you create your daily or special make-up.

You can touch your face as many times as you wish, because the product remains there. Also, let’s mention that it resists all day long without any problems….

Besides all these aspects, your face will look similar to the baby’s skin and it will be hydrated and it won’t look as filled up with make-up as it looks when you use other products. Use it and you’ll see its great effects.

Here’s how you apply the product on your complexion with only a couple of moves: use the “on” position on the brush and after press gently on the foundation tube in order to put a small amount of liquid in your hand, use the “off” position for closing the tube and start applying the product on your face with the help of the brush, do it as you would sweet your face…. After a while you’re going to get used to this product and you’ll realize your make-up in no time!