Makeup hints for different eye shapes 3

Last time that we’ve been talking about different makeup styles accordingly to your eyes shape we remained at the chapter concerning the Asian eyes. Well, there were left some other eye shapes that we want to take into consideration and we certainly want to help everybody decide on what type of makeup suits her better. Also, we hope that these makeup hints are useful for you and that you apply for these in the future time. You can start from using these techniques and play with them whenever you go out or things like that.

We continue with the oval eyes. Those that have such eyes shape can be really happy, because all makeup styles fit to their eyes shape.

You can simply drag a line with the help of liquid eyeliner or you can use shades in different modes. A thin touch of mascara is also ideal every now and then and this can be the makeup style you can apply for in that day, when you decide to go shopping.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Hooded eyes should be focused and given the impression as if they’re really light and this thing can be done with the help of a bright eye shadow. You can apply also for happy colors like yellow, gold or different other tones in order to focus all the attention towards your sight. This won’t be a bad thing at all; you should try this style, because it advantages your features pretty much.

Almond eyes can be also wide and big in the same time, not only small. What needs to be done in this case? Well, it’s not hard at all, because you can use different eye shades, in no matter what tones you like and you only have to make sure that you’ve placed the same amount of color in both portions of your gorgeous eyes.

There are also the mid-size almond eyes that are similar to the Asian eyes and in this case we recommend a makeup style related to that one. Highlight the brows pretty much and the eyes shouldn’t be omitted either. Use a slight line of eyeliner in the exterior corner of the eyes and in the interior use a really bright shade of eye shadow and the effect is guaranteed; as for the eye lashes you should highlight them with the help of mascara….

We hope that you take in consideration our makeup hints and that you apply for these in the future time!