Evening makeup

For a special event you definitely have to apply for a makeup style which is exquisite and involves a lot of slight details. This type of makeup makes sure that the clothes that you’re wearing are accentuated and that you look gorgeous in it. In the lines to come we’re going to face you with these makeup styles that are appropriate for special occasions and for parties.
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We start with smoky eyes makeup that looks really refined on someone that wants to go to a party or something like that. Start with applying the makeup foundation on your complexion in order to create a really nice visual impression. For this particular makeup we recommend you to use a dark and shimmering eyeshade together with shimmering white. Use the eyeliner on the inferior eyelid and highlight your eyes in a very gorgeous manner.

Also, you need a peachy color tone of blush in your cheeks and this will add extra effect and great looks. As for the lips we recommend you a lighter tone of peachy lip stick that is creamy and that will go really great with the rest of your features. Take care of your eyebrows as well: use light brown contour kohl and you’re going to see just how great you’re going to look. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about our first model of evening makeup, because there are others to come.

Another fine example of evening makeup would be definitely this one and it’s not hard to realize at all! We start as usual with the eyes: use a white shimmering eye shade and a peachy one, some black liquid eyeliner and brown kohl…. These are the essential cosmetic products that will definitely confer you a nice look. Apply the darker shade on the entire eyelid surface up to the arcade line. On the arcade use that light color tone that we’ve been mentioning about. Trace a nice curvy line with the help of the black eyeliner and finish with adding on the lower eyelid a thin line of brown kohl.

You also need to use a blush in your cheeks that has a pinkish tone and match it with a really glossy lip gloss in a pink tone (coral tone or something similar). We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about our examples and you can be sure that there will be some other ones in the future.