Fall look 4

In case you’re looking for more relaxed looks, ones that highlight your eyes and your lips in the same time and don’t involve the usage of too many cosmetic products then we’ve got just the right solutions for you. You’re definitely going to get advantage of marvelous makeup hints here for the autumn season, because these are fall looks and are going to be fashionable in the period to come. You’re going to look just great in case you really want to be special and trendy in the same time. This won’t be a hard thing at all you can be certain of that and let’s also mention that we hope that even the suggestions brought up to this moment seemed really useful to you and that you’re going to apply for them as well.

We start as usual with the complexion! It’s very important to have a nice looking face, that looks really neat and arranged in the same time. Apply for a natural color tone of makeup foundation or you may even can apply for adding just some compact powder in order to create a matte impression of your skin. As for the cheeks, these shouldn’t be omitted because they make your face look special and we recommend you to use a compact powder, a blush with warm color tones, similar to those produced by the passing of autumn on the rest of the nature.
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This particular look comes from Chantecaille and it won’t be a bad thing to apply for using some of their products, maybe you’re going to end up looking just like the model in the image.

Here’s how we continue with the eyes and first of all, let’s not forget that you should take care of your brows as much as you can, you can dye them or you can brush and apply some contour kohl on them. Your fall look will be complete if you listen to this tiny piece of advice. Another thing that we need to mention about concerns the eyes, which involve the usage of purple crayon all around and finish with spreading eye shadow in the same color tone in order to obtain a nice visual effect upon your eyes. Also, the mascara you have to use isn’t in black, in fact it’s in violet tone and we’re sure that you’re going to end up looking divine.

The lips! Ok, we shouldn’t forget about the lips in this fall look. This one involves the usage of a cappuccino lipstick that doesn’t have any glitter in it, but it’s really creamy in the same time. Over the lipstick you should try adding some transparent lip gloss and the effect is scrumptious!