Vintage makeup styles

Throughout all the examples offered for vintage makeup styles there must have been at least one that seemed appropriate for you and that characterized your personal style…. We continue with a hippie makeup style that is definitely really popular nowadays because there are more and more ladies that adopt that particular way of getting dressed.

This makeup style is based on natural elements and colors and it isn’t hard to realize at all. Use a natural makeup foundation and you can be sure that you won’t fail.

The next thing that we want to mention about concerns the eyebrows, there’s also a tendency towards really thin brows, but they don’t look vulgar at all. We continue with the eye makeup: use natural eye shades, play with your imagination and don’t apply for dramatic pieces (like the eyeliner or extreme colors), accentuate the eyes with the help of mascara that will be used in extra layers on both the eyelashes areas. As for the lips we recommend you to use pink towards nude tones and these will go really great in combination with the other cosmetic products that we’ve suggested previously.
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So, that was our first suggestion of vintage makeup style, but be sure that there are other more to come in order for you to make a general idea and apply for these in every day of the week: it would be a really fine experience, isn’t that right? We jump from natural elements and details to a chic makeup style that characterizes the disco period: highlighted eyes and lips and a great looking effect. So, there are the blue tones used on the eyelids and the purple tone as well. Another thing that can be noticed is the black eyeliner that comes to focus all the attention towards the eyes.

And if you want really highlighted eyes then you can apply for using fake eyelashes and this is a great idea. When it comes to the lips: we recommend a spicy tone and a creamy stick that will give the impression of full and healthy lips.

Our last suggestion of vintage makeup refers to the 80s in which all the attention was towards this glamorous makeup style in which there were used dark eyeshades and the eternal scarlet red on the lips. We’re speaking of a powerful woman that blends perfectly all the styles and she knows how to give a modern touch to every area of her complexion.

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Use dramatic shades in your cheeks as well with the help of the blush and use around the eyes dark tones that will give a dramatic look throughout the smoky eyes makeup. Finish with adding red lipstick that will confer you a great looking style and the sensation of really kissable lips!