Essential things in gothic makeup

Gothic makeup involves several features and ways of being expressed. Some time ago we’ve brought to you an article that spoke in general about this makeup style. Well, we’re back with this topic and we present to you some essential things in gothic makeup. After you read this topic, you’re going to know for sure exactly what features make your makeup gothic.

First of all we start with the eyes. Did you know that the dramatic eye makeup is a symbol of gothic makeup? Well, it is and in case you want to look gothic, you must definitely apply for this makeup style: use dark eye shadows together with eyeliner and create a nice visual impression. If you use this makeup style you’re going to look as gothic as it can be.
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The eye brows are another feature of the gothic makeup style and the emo style as well. You have to have a pair of brows, which are definitely dark colored and you can make them as thin as you like, because it’s definitely a signature of this makeup style.

Besides the makeup there are also some collateral elements that make you gothic, such as painting your nails in a dark color, like black: it always functions great. Also dark tones of red are great for this style, well in general dark tones to be more specific….

Well, you’re going to say that if you highlight your eyes what needs to be done with the lips? Of course, we’ve got answers for all your questions and in this case we only want to mention that in case you decide to focus all the attention towards your eyes opt for a light tone of lip stick, maybe a transparent one and this will bring extra accentuation to the eyes and that’s all you want after all.

An essential thing that you have to know is the fact that you can’t use bright colors in case you want to look gothic. Also, shimmering colors should be avoided as well, because they’re part of another story! This case goes for the eyes and lips as well and we hope that you take these makeup tips in consideration.

A great combination for the gothic makeup is between black eyeliner and bright lips: contour your eyes with the help of a black eyeliner and use a bright color tone on your lips and the effect is guaranteed. And speaking of eyeliner, if you want to keep your dark look flawless then you can use liquid eyeliner and you’re going to look amazing!

Another popular combination is between false eyelashes and shadow in different color tones. If you decide to use this particular style, then it means that you won’t feel tempted to use deep red lipstick. Yes, you’ve got the idea deep red lipstick is another sign of gothic makeup and it’s a must have sometimes and it goes pretty great with a pale face. Pale face can be realized with the help of a powder that can be used on your face.