Make-up that hides your wrinkles and age

It`s difficult for a woman when wrinkles appear, she faces some kind of crisis and it`s hard to say goodbye to that fresh complexion that used to look in that way without the help of several beauty products! There`s also that variant in which you go and make certain injections and you do surgery for having a fresh complexion, but not all women have the necessary money of doing that, so here are some tricks you may want to know about….

Begin by applying a face moisturizer but not with a greasy texture because it will highlight your wrinkles more! The next phase is to apply anti-dark circles product and there is a special product that makes your sight much more enlightened! After you`ve done these things start by applying a make-up foundation, but make sure it fits perfectly to your complexion and it doesn’t look like a mask!

Also, another aspect regarding the make-up foundation is to buy and have one that hydrates your skin and it makes it look shiny and also covers your wrinkles! After all, that`s the real effect you want: getting rid of wrinkles and making sure you look much younger! You can apply the foundation with the help of a brush or a sponge, but the brush is adequate!

The next aspect is to apply some blush to your cheeks and don`t make the mistake of applying powder, use something creamy, you can use a touch of red lip stick it`s nor problem! If the product is creamy it will help your skin and complexion more.

When you apply eyeliner make sure it isn`t in a black nuance, use a brown one, it gives a light aspect to your sight and also don`t apply eyeliner on the inferior lids because it highlights those horrible parts made by stress and tiring nights of work! Use as much mascara as you can on the superior eye lashes and don`t use it at all on the inferior ones!

In order for your lips to look mature and fresh in the same time, use a nude nuance and not that shiny! Make it glossy, but not like those “watershine” products! Also, you must assure yourself you don`t show your age, but you don`t exaggerate with showing your teen age side too much!

Let`s also mention that you read carefully these tips you`ll look 10 years younger without any surgery and you must apply some attitude that hides both your wrinkles and your age! If you wear this make-up with an appropriate outfit, you`ll be able to hook up with an adolescent dude! No, seriously talking now this make-up creates a wonderful effect and you`ll surely be admired by those that see you!